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Welcome to the web site of author Scott Knutson (and the redirect site for and As the author of the book Thursdays With Death, numerous articles, short stories, and poetry, Scott has received rave reviews (see Reviews page) and awards for his imaginative storytelling and style. We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore his writings.


As you explore, you will find the first four chapters of his book Thursdays With Death, the story of Lanny Stone, a man taken on an amazing spiritual journey by none other than the Grim Reaper. You'll also find some poetry and verse, as well as various short essays on different topics under what could be called Spirituality and Christian mysticism.


You'll also find a few pages attributed to Death, of Thursdays With Death fame. You might find them interesting. Enjoy!

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Here's what some readers say about Thursdays With Death:

I simply adored reading "Thursdays With Death" and hope to see more from this author soon!
Heather Froeschl|Editor,

. . . a surprisingly sincere core message about the primacy of love and helping others.
Todd Mercer|Clarion Review

This is a must read for everyone.
Joel Augustine|

A great book! The metaphysical and philosophical ideas in the book were, in my humble estimation, dead on (pardon the pun). They were conveyed in lively, conversational prose. And your characters really came to life.
Father Timothy Ward|Holy Family Church, Goodyear, Arizona


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